About Me

I got my first camera at the age of six. It was a present from my father and my most valuable possession. I had fallen for its magic…it would capture what I saw, how I saw it; freezing it in its memory. I clicked for fun at first, but soon, seeing that there was a big responsibility in being ‘in charge’  of recording family pictures on festivals, birthdays, holidays etc. there came about a seriousness. With much dedication and sincerity I started to capture timeless moments in my camera. And with equal pride these were shared on social media and immortalized on home CDs.

The graduation from a small Sony camera to a Nikon DSLR has been a journey in itself. I am a student, both literally and figuratively. I love photography and enjoy what I make of my subjects. Flowers, people, things, nature….there is so much to choose from. And I am happy not being limited in my discipline. I love that the result of what I do is instantaneous! And I love being able to bring pun to life…



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